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ArbiHonor, established in 2017, is the earliest and one of the most experienced providers of commercial legal finance for cross-border dispute resolution in relation to China — and a reliable, professional, and client-focused partner headquartered in Beijing. ArbiHonor specializes in dispute resolution and is committed to empowering our clients with a one-stop, comprehensive legal consulting solution. Clients that work with ArbiHonor benefit from our rich experience in China-related litigation, arbitration, and bankruptcy reorganization and our broad expertise in legal services component with technological and financial skills.
Our Chinese and international clients trust ArbiHonor as a professional service provider for dispute prevention, crisis resolution, and cross-border rights protection. For listed companies, especially China-concept overseas listed companies, fund and trust partners of China-related entities, we are capable of providing various legal services, including daily compliance management, debt restructuring consultation, diagnosis and disposal of particular disputes, risk assessment of case disputes, collection of cross-border asset information, legal fee financing, etc. We also cooperate with auditing, evaluation, appraisal, and notary agencies and assist in issuing expert opinions to facilitate cross-border recognition and enforcement of effective legal documents.
ArbiHonor, in response to China’s initiative of the Rule of Law, is committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of foreign citizens and legal persons within the territory of China, and at the same time, the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and legal persons overseas. ArbiHonor cooperates with top national think tanks, serves NGOs of international dispute prevention and cross-border legal services, and provides public services to listed company associations, industry associations, and local chambers of commerce.

ArbiHonor can timely satisfy the global service needs concerning asset investigation, lawyer's agency, litigation financing, etc. covering all major countries and jurisdictions around the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, India, Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, U.S., and U.K. In mainland China, we have the expertise to provide big data-backed legal services such as background investigation, judicial precedent portrait, public opinion monitoring, and market public relations
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ArbiHonor has a top-notch legal team comprised of partners and advisors from top-tier law firms, professors, experts, and scholars from prestigious universities and national think tanks. In addition, our financial experts are senior practitioners from international and domestic financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale, IDG, CDH, CICC, PICC, and Sino-chem.
Experienced Law Practitioners
The legal experts of ArbiHonor are all partners and senior consultants from top international and Chinese law firms with decades of first-hand and industry-leading experience.
Leading Academic Scholars
ArbiHonor cooperates with highly respected experts, scholars, professors, and jurists in civil & commercial law and international law whose students are working in different industries across the world.
Veteran Funders
The financial experts that ArbiHonor cooperates with come from leading international and domestic financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale, CICC, IDG, CDH, etc., empowering our clients in an effective and efficient manner.
Financial Professionals
ArbiHonor's accounting team is packed with experienced and mature professionals in China's major SOEs and non-performing asset management companies. Clients can benefit from their rich experience and professionalism in auditing, evaluation, management, and financing ability.
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